Visual Design&Development

About Us
Winter Interactive is a visual design firm that bridges the creative gaps in cross-media marketing. We expand in-house visual communication skill sets: Branding, website design, SEO, UX/UI, WordPress, online media, and print.
When talking about Winter Interactive I find myself using superlatives like innovative, clever, and forward thinking. My agency has worked with (more like…relied on) Rob Winter and his talented team numerous times. Our clients expect unique and quantifiable solutions to their challenges. We expect the same from our support partners. Winter Interactive never disappoints.Mark Safran, President, The Eastpoint Group
Rob has been a talented Art Director and designer for many years and has delivered great integrated design for transmedia projects including elements from 3D animation to print. As a colleague, I highly recommend his professional services and creative advise.Paul Hollett, Creative Visual Experiences, Light Fantastic Studios, New York
Hiring Rob Winter is like employing a web architect-builder, graphic designer, inspirational technology officer and organizational psychologist all in one. He “gets” the missions and visions of where, what and who we want for our companies. I’ve partnered with Rob over the years and can say with certainty that he is among the highest caliber professionals today.Margot Slade, Managing Editor, Lawdragon Campus
Partial Client List
Logomark Development
<span class="firstWord">Website: </span>Calamus Dental Medical Devices
<span class="firstWord">Sales Tools: </span> Iams Products
<span class="firstWord">Online Ads: </span>Tyco
Logomark Development
<span class="firstWord">Sales Tools: </span>Calamus Dual, Dental Medical Device Simulations
<span class="firstWord">Sales Tools: </span>LexisNexis Products
<span class="firstWord">Sales Tools: </span>Baxter Annual Report
<span class="firstWord">Print: </span>DF King Corporate Capabilities Brochure
<span class="firstWord">Print: </span>Foxwoods St. Patricks Day Promotion
<span class="firstWord">Print: </span>Lexis Publishing Packaging
<span class="firstWord">Print: </span>Nutracea Ads
<span class="firstWord">Print: </span>Omni Group Product Brochure/Folder
<span class="firstWord">Print: </span>Nastel Sales Package
<span class="firstWord">Online Ads: </span>Heineken
<span class="firstWord">Online Ads:</span> Iams
Vector Graphics
Visual Graphics
3D Graphics
Logomark Development
<span class="firstWord">Website: </span>CrossMark
<span class="firstWord">Website: </span>Ford Plantation, Real Estate Sales
<span class="firstWord">Website: </span>Rhode Island Surgical Research
<span class="firstWord">Website: </span>Biotrax